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Chettinadu Cuisine

“Chettinadu Cuisine” : Best of cuisines world wide and very prestigious representation of India to the world. Chettinadu food is harmless to the stomach. Exact quantity of oil, flavoured spices, tamarind and coconut are used in the real Chettinadu food. The dishes are hot and spicy with fresh ground masalas. Most of the dishes are eaten with rice and rice based accompaniments such as idlis, dosais, appams, idiyappams and adais.

Chettinadu Narayana Vilas offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Some of the popular vegetarian dishes include idiyappam, paniyaram, vellai paniyaram, karuppatti paniyaram, paal paniyaram, kuzhi paniyaram, kozhukattai, masala paniyaram, adikoozh, kandharappam, seeyam, masala seeyam, kavuni arisi & athirasam.

Non vegetarian dishes include Chettinadu chicken masala, Chettinadu Chicken gravy, Chettinadu Chicken fry, Chettinadu Chicken Roast, Chettinadu Kari varuval, Chettinadu mutton fry, Mutton Kola Urundai, Mutton chops.

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